We have too much work and not enough time… people are torn.


This course allows you to explore time management with an emphasis on effectiveness rather than efficiency alone. Based on Covey’s Urgency/Importance Matrix, you will learn how to recognize where you are spending the majority of your time, and at what cost to yourself personally, to your relationships and your organization. Learn useful tips for responding to and even turning down requests that lead them away from their personal and professional missions.

Topics include:

  • Covey’s Urgent/Important Matrix: Understand the role that values and choice play in how we spend our time
  • Urgency Index Assessment: Learn how spending time in the Urgent quadrants can create what Covey terms “the addictive experience”
  • Evaluate your priorities based on personal and organizational mission and values
  • Improve your listening and feedback skills to support your decisions on how to spend your time
  • Commit to using a task prioritization tool to manage your time going forward


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