Facilitation means to make simple. We understand the frustration that many feel at having to spend so much time in meetings, rather than doing “real work.” Our meeting facilitation ensures the time “spent” is actually an investment. We ensure all voices are heard as we ensure the aim of the meeting is understood by all and accomplished in a way that is both effective and efficient. In addition to facilitating strategic initiatives and retreats, we guide process improvement and problem solving initiatives.

“We’ve seen a lot of facilitators all across the country and hands-down you’re the best we’ve seen! Your energy is off the charts and you honor everyone in the room, making sure their voices are heard. And the meetings always end on time!”

– Member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Collaborative Planning and Problem Solving

We help groups to find their way out of stalemate situations and into consensus-based action. Whether it’s an expansion, a new relationship with an external organization, or a major system change that must be implemented, PDSA Consulting supports leaders and teams in co-creating and accomplishing shared goals.

Process Improvement Initiatives

We guide teams in the application of the PDSA Cycle of continual improvement. We ensure data collection and interpretation tells the real story. We also encourage identifying and documenting lessons learned along the way to review and share with others.