It is not enough to have individuals on teams work in isolation on their distinct piece of the process. This limits the group to the equation: 1+1+1=3. The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts when team members have trust in each other and an understanding of how their work products are interdependent. With these high performing teams, the equation is: 1+1+1=7!

“Your work with our team has been nothing short of transformational. We’ve gained a greater appreciation for each other’s communication styles and how that diversity is a real strength (even if we find it annoying at times). We now share information with each other much more frequently and much less is ‘lost in translation.’ We also have a better understanding of each other’s roles and how they contribute to the greater good.”

– Director of Environmental Non-Profit

We guide teams through the team development process, helping team members to establish team norms, clarity and commit to their roles, and recognize the interdependence required to accomplish their goals. We provide intentional, thoughtful ways to help team members create a sense of team.  Trust is a critical component which creates the space for team members to feel engaged and committed, and have the necessary sense of ownership to reach ever higher levels of success.