We are under unprecedented pressure to do more with less, to respond to the increasing demands of customers, and to attract and retain skilled, committed co-workers. These demands are not temporary, but mark the world’s transition to a new economic age. If we are to meet these challenges we must transform ourselves and our organizations to embrace a systems approach to quality.

PDSA Consulting is deeply committed to helping organizations to move into more proactive roles allowing them to serve their customers with improved efficiency and effectiveness despite limited resources. We help to provide a safe place for honest dialogue.

“Where there is fear you get wrong numbers.”

– W. Edwards Deming

The Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle provides a basis for our work. It invites us to be intentional in our actions. Dr. Deming, known by many as the master of continual improvement, spoke to the importance of starting with a plan from which we can evaluate performance over time. We help clients to set up performance measurements for a variety of processes, and are available to assist with data collection, illustration, and interpretation in order to assess process capability.

Our experienced team works to assure the quality of baseline data from which to judge improvements by advising teams regarding data collection and survey instruments. We emphasize the need for robust baseline data by asking: “How will we know a change is an improvement?”

“We really need quality – because our current habitual patterns aren’t working. We need to respond differently and accept the ‘tools of change.’ Those tools are kindness and love (along with fishbones and surveys).  I’m so happy that there are people like you who have the courage to be so direct with people in power. You do this with dignity, knowledge, and conviction. You’re helping the world be a better place. Thanks!”

– Quality Coordinator for State Agency

We also assist process improvement teams by ensuring they apply the most appropriate statistical tool at the proper point in the PDSA Cycle.