DSA Consulting was founded in Washington State in 1992 and became incorporated in 1996. PDSA refers to the Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle of Continual Improvement. Also known as the Deming Cycle, it provides the framework for continual learning.PDSA Cycle Diagram_colortextsmall1

We are deeply committed to helping organizations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness to ensure their long-term viability. Our engagements with clients are characterized by active listening, timely and targeted feedback, and a sense of humor. This creates a relaxed, trusting environment and an openness to consideration of new behaviors that will better support the goals of the organization. We focus on the delivery of results that are measurable and meaningful. We also give away our tips and tools so that our clients can continue their important work long after we have “left the building.”

PDSA Consulting is on University of Washington’s Professional and Organizational Development list of preferred providers in areas that include Individual and Team Coaching; Training; Team Building; Strategic Planning/Performance Measures; Facilitation; Conflict Resolution; Process Improvement; Retreats; and Collaborative Problem Solving.