Collaboration brings certainty in a world where very little is certain. We are much better positioned to anticipate and respond to change when we have co-created our current circumstances.

PDSA Consulting is highly skilled at building and maintaining a trusting environment to promote genuine engagement from diverse stakeholders. We understand the vulnerability people feel when coming together to work collaboratively with others who have different interests. Interests are deeply held needs, fears, or concerns. We nurture this vulnerability as it allows for truth telling and forms the basis for genuine and enduring consensus. This promotes seeking interest-based solutions that are mutually beneficial. The interest-based approach opens up new and creative solutions that stand the test of time. This is in stark contrast to traditional negotiations where the focus is on being right and defending long-held positions.

“Thank you for your help with this process-driven project. It involves complex, multiple personalities, and diverse goals. Your way with people and means of encouraging communication are outstanding. You deserve the credit for providing consistent communication, for understanding our vision, and for keeping the overall process moving forward.”

  — Manager of Hydroelectric Project

Empathetic Role Play Exercise.

FERC Relicensing

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