The Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle, also known as the Deming Cycle, forms the basis for our work with our clients. We start with a listening and clarifying process to ensure a common understanding of the desired future state. Then we co-create a plan to achieve that state in a measurable way.

The PDSA Cycle provides the very foundation of our work. Dr. Deming spoke to the importance of starting with a plan from which to evaluate progress. He warned that this feels uncomfortable, unnecessary, and /or tedious to many.

“People have a weakness to short-circuit the planning step. They cannot wait to get into motions, to be active, to look busy…”

– W. Edwards Deming

We ask for and give honest and timely feedback. This helps to build a trusting environment for relationship building and consideration of new ideas. We invite stakeholders to view potential solutions through the lens of each others’ interests.

PDSA Consulting uses Collaboration, and people-centered Facilitation techniques to support various initiatives. We also provide Training and Coaching to support these initiatives.

“From these meetings I have learned to be able to be noble – certain steps to follow to be effective and work as a team.”

— Public Sector Manager

“Thank you for guiding us through another successful retreat. It’s so good to see how the group responds to you, and values your support. Thanks for making such a positive impact on the team. I so appreciate your mentoring and guidance.”

— Utility Asset Manager

We conduct both on-site and off-site Team Building events and Retreats that support system level improvements, team or organizational transitions, and organizational transformation.

We maintain open and honest relationships based on our core values of integrity, compassion, directness, and neutrality.