This course emphasizes the power of process mapping as a basis for process improvement initiatives. You will create a high-level (macro) process map of one of your department’s key processes, including process and results indicators of how well that process is performing compared to its stated aim. Discuss how to shape these process measurements from the customer’s perspective. After identifying areas ripe for improvement, you will create a more detailed (micro) process map for those areas and discuss how to make changes in a test environment and evaluating their impact on key indicators. We will also discuss tips for guiding teams in using process maps to document and standardize work processes as the basis for process improvement (PDSA Cycle).


Learn how to use Dr. Deming’s 14 points as a framework to support long-term planning, improved management effectiveness, and teamwork. Looking through the lens of systems thinking, discuss what keeps us stuck and how we can leverage strengths to move forward. Uncover some of the unintended consequences of traditional management initiatives and how you might introduce new management techniques within your organization.

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