A successful project is much more than completion dates and budgets.  It is also everyone on the team contributing fully, learning, and having fun. This course merges the traditional methodology of organizing project tasks with the care and feeding of the project team members. You will learn how to identify and leverage the diverse styles and skills of team members and how best to foster cooperation and teamwork. Review various styles of leadership and which is appropriate depending on the commitment and capability of an individual to complete a specific task. You will get a chance to practice specific activities and techniques to bolster team performance and creativity through the various stages of team development. Explore ways to protect “flow” time for team members and how to tap into intrinsic motivation as you acknowledge individual and team accomplishments.


This course is an interactive tour of the latest leadership theories. You will learn how to strengthen your role as a leader by applying a systems perspective to their decision making. In this highly interactive workshop you will explore how to increase your own self-awareness to become more the leader you want to be. Using the Johari Window, discover how you can be more intentional about what information you share about yourself and how to more effectively seek feedback from others.  As you become aware of the impacts of your own personal style of leadership in this process, you will be able to fine-tune your leadership style to the situation. Become aware of the verbal and non-verbal cues you are sending. Unlock the secrets of trust and inspiration to expand your leadership effectiveness. By working from the inside out, you’ll come away with many tools to help maximize your positive impact on the people and systems you touch.


This course explores the nature and organizational flow of communication. Discuss the differences between management and leadership and the power of listening deeply. Using examples from your organizations, discuss how organizational values and unspoken “Rules for Success” shape the behaviors of those who work within it. Learn how the values and beliefs held by the leaders are expressed throughout the organization, creating and reinforcing its culture. Examine how current management practices such as performance appraisals and MBO tie to outdated Industrial Age ideas and how the concepts of quantum physics and self-organizing systems can free us of these harmful practices and what to do instead, as prescribed by Deming’s 14 Points for Organizational Transformation. Learn how to communicate your organization’s long-term vision deliberately and effectively.

All courses are scalable and customizable.