This course reviews the four primary interaction styles, and includes the I-Speak® diagnostic tool to help participants to assess their particular primary and backup styles. I-Speak® is based on Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s theory regarding the ways in which we process information and make decisions.  This application of Jung’s theory identifies four distinct processing styles.  While we use all four styles, many of us have one or two styles with which we are more comfortable. Further, many of us switch styles under pressure. The course also provides useful strategies for communicating effectively with people of diverse styles throughout the organization. You will leave with practical tips to improve everyday interactions across the team. These tips specifically target face-to-face, email and phone communications.


This course explores the critical role feedback plays in the strength of the Customer/Supplier Chain. You will learn how to improve the way you ask for, provide, and receive feedback. You will get a chance to practice these techniques within the context of relevant workplace examples. You will also learn tips to sharpen your listening skills. Using the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument, you will gain an appreciation for when it is most and least appropriate to employ your primary style for dealing with conflict. Through role play, you will learn how to be strategic in responding to conflict and how to appreciate the seeds of creativity that conflict holds.

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