In this course you will learn to differentiate core interests from positions, allowing for creative win-win solutions that work for everyone of the long term. This is a safe place to practice expressing your interests in a way that others can easily understand and appreciate.  An Empathetic Role Play Exercise provides the opportunity to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of each other’s interests (needs, fears, and concerns) relative to a specific real-life issue.

PDSA framework for collaborative problem solving:

  • Get agreement on the common aim of the problem solving endeavor.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the interests of all stakeholders who will be co-creating the solution.
  • Building a common base of understanding among participants based on available data.
  • Identify any data gaps and other issues to be addressed along with the means to address the gaps.
  • List specific criteria that should form the lens through which participants view alternatives for solution.
  • Evaluate possible solutions are evaluated in light of the agreed-upon criteria until final consensus is reached.

At the end of the session, you will set collaborative problem solving guidelines to guide your future actions as you seek solutions that respect the interests of all stakeholders.

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